A celebrity portrait photography book by Ann Johansson

CAUSE + CELEB is a fine art photography book that include portraits of 90 celebrities that I have photographed over the years. CELEBS have also shared, in their own words, 40 CAUSES that are of importance to them.

I have spent the last 18 years working as a freelance photojournalist photographing all over the world. It was my interest in social, political, economic and environmental issues as well as my curiosity about different cultures that brought me to the field of photojournalism. I did not set out to photograph celebrities but over the years I have had the opportunity to photograph CELEBS in many different fields.

At first, I did not know what to do with this “accidental” collection of celebrity portraits. Then it came to me – why not use these photographs to raise awareness about different ways to give back.

In the book you will find celebrities from a variety of fields; actors, directors, musicians, chefs, entrepreneurs, explorers and more. The causes included are equally varied. They cover the arts, education, human rights, finding cures for illnesses, animals too. It has been a privilege to learn what these celebrities care about and what they do to affect change on their own time. It reveals the CELEB as more than an icon, and shows a humanity and depth far beyond their public persona.


  • Hardcover 11×11 inches
  • 90 celebrities
  • 40 causes with text in the words of the celebs
  • Design by Susan Landesmann
  • Foreword by entrepreneur Frank Toskan
  • Index listing all causes
  • Published by Channel Photographics, San Rafael, CA.
  • ISBN: 978-0-9832983-8-0


Quincy D. Jones

CELEBS such as music legend Quincy D. Jones share a CAUSE.

Roger Deakins

Book design is by Susan Landesmann of Landesmann Design.


You will find CELEBS from many different fields including Oscar winning cinematographer Roger Deakins.


In the back of the book you will find an index with more information about each CAUSE mentioned in the book as well as their web addresses.